With Coach's Eye shutting down, many people are asking about how to export their videos. While you can export them one-by-one there is an easy way to bulk download and then bulk import your videos into OnForm. Read on for our quick explanation for Mac users. For Windows users, see the TechSmith support site.

First, plug in your iPhone or iPad into a Mac computer and open the Finder, you'll see your device listed on the left hand side. Select it, and then select "Files" at the top of the window, then, expand the Coach's Eye listing:

Under "Coach's Eye" is a 'Media' folder, drag it to your desktop and it will place a copy of the folder and all its contents on your desktop:

Next, we recommend you create a Team within the OnForm app called "Coach's Eye Import", this will allow you to keep all these videos together so you can find them easily. You can always share them into your individual workspaces at a later time if you so choose.

At this point, you've copied the Media folder to your desktop and you've created a "Coach's Eye Imports" folder in OnForm. Next, open the WEB APP for OnForm by going here and logging in with the same credentials you use for the mobile iOS app. Navigate to the Coach's Eye Imports folder and tap on the upload button as shown below:

When the files dialog appears, you'll want to select the Media folder that you placed on the desktop, then sort the files by 'kind' so all the videos are grouped together, select all the .mov or .mp4 videos (select one, hold 'shift' then select the last one) and you can bulk import all the videos into OnForm:

And that's it! We suggest not selecting more than 20 at a time so that it won't consume too many of your computer's resources.

Note that the file names have the original dates and titles from Coach's Eye ,but when imported to OnForm will have "today's" date. From here, you can simply keep the videos in this Library, or you can share them to your athletes/students as you see fit.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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