As part of every coach account, your clients/athletes/players that are connected to a paid Coach, are automatically provided an unlimited personal account. With this, your athletes can record and share an unlimited number of videos with you.

All newly added athletes are always provided an unlimited Personal account, but there may be times when you want to downgrade them or need to upgrade them back to unlimited status.

We allow you to control the upgrade and downgrade process from within the app using the "Manage Your Unlimited Access Upgrades" feature. Just tap on the "circle-dot" icon on the Home screen and then "Manage Your Unlimited Access Upgrades" as shown here:

Simply tap "Upgrade" next to each person that you wish to give unlimited access. It's just that easy!

Situations that might call for the need to downgrade a user might be when that person is taking some time off, hasn't paid their coaching invoice, or if the user accidentally downgraded themselves.

Finally, any self paid user will have a small golden "badge" next to their names and will manage their own account through the normal in-app purchase process.

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