We designed the OnForm pricing model to be very flexible for coaches and individuals.

Use OnForm FREE forever if you'd like

Our free account can be used to get up and running and test out the system by connecting with as many people as you'd like. We limit each person to having 10 videos in our free mode, but they can exchange unlimited text messages.

What's the main difference between premium and free?

Premium accounts allow you to have an unlimited number of videos and storage. Free accounts are limited to 10 videos per person. We'll also be adding features and content in the future only for our premium members.

Package selection

We've designed each premium package so that you have a premium account for yourself and can also give a premium account to a designated number of people based on the package level. For example, if you're a coach with 8 clients, you'd probably want to choose our Coach Bronze level which gives you a premium account and you can give 10 clients a premium account.

You pay for your clients or clients pay for themselves

We also have a very useful and flexible option where instead of paying for premium on behalf of your clients, you can simply purchase the most affordable level for yourself (including Personal package if you'd like) and then ask each of your clients to purchase their own Personal package. That way, you pay for your account and they pay for theirs. The benefit of this model is that even at the Personal package level, you can still give 2 other people premium, and your client that purchases a Personal package can also invite 2 others to have premium. You'll reduce your cost and leave the accounting and payment to each of your clients.

Large organizations

We are happy to customize a package option for larger groups. In addition to a custom number of premium accounts, we also bundle white-glove setup service and premium support options. Contact us by emailing: support@getonform.com to discuss, we'd love to hear from you!

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