Being organized saves you time and frustration. This is why we created a user friendly video library. You no longer need to scroll through your phone's camera roll, full of personal photos and videos to find what you're looking for. In fact, we've made the library searchable, so scrolling through hundreds of images and videos is nearly obsolete. Give your thumbs a rest.

The OnForm video library has two folders, one that is shared between coach and athlete and one that is private for the user.  If you have multiple chats, each one has it's own video library. To access the library for a particular user, simply click on their name.

Videos are automatically synced to the cloud and across all of your devices eliminating the need for manual storage management. Space on your device is smartly managed to always give you room to record as many videos as you need.

Labeling and Searching Videos
OnForm has made searching for specific videos easier than ever. All videos that are shared between athlete and coach or are private to the user, are organized chronologically. The most recent videos will appear at the top of the roll. For improved searching, we recommend that you title your videos. Anytime you need to find it, just type the key words you're looking for into the search bar at the top of the library page. Videos from your private video folder and shared folder will both be searched. Below we show you how to title and search for your videos in the OnForm app.

Sharing Videos
OnForm makes it easy to share the videos you've taken, commented on, or marked up. You can share your video directly in the app's chat feature by tapping on the user's name or you can share it externally. If you choose to share externally you'll be promoted to choose how you want to share your video: text, airdrop, email etc... 

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