A video is worth a thousand words. But what about a video with a voice over it, offering up helpful advice on technique? That’s worth a whole lot more, which is exactly why OnForm has a voiceover recording feature on our app.

You can easily re-record over any video that is sent in a chat or one that is stored on your library. Here is easy to follow step by step guide to recording your message over a video. 

Step 1
Tap on any video in your chat or your video library.  You can also import a video from your phone’s library or record a new video.  

Step 2
After you've selected, imported, or recored a new video into OnForm, the video will be loaded onto your screen. This is where you can easily edit the video, draw on it, or record your recommendations and observations over the video. Simply tap microphone symbol at the top of the screen to get started.

Step 3
After you press the microphone, you might be prompted to "Allow screen recording in 'OnForm'?" You should select the first option, Record Screen & Microphone if you intend to add comments via audio. 

Step 4
A red bar will appear at the top of the screen. It's time to leave your comments, you're now recording. You can hit pause on the far left side if you need to stop. You'll see a timer on the far right side of the red bar. That's just letting you know how long you've been recording. You can use the pencil icon under the time to draw over the video. When you are finished, simply press the "Stop" button in the middle of the red bar.

Step 5
After you've pressed stop, you're all set. You can save the video and upload it back to the chat so your coach or athlete can see your suggestions and hear your comments. If you need to edit the video, simply use the scissor icon. If you need to start over, just discard your edits. If you are satisfied with your comments, simply save the video and it will be saved to your library or sent to the chat.

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